No Matter How Strange It May Be

Saying it perfectly:
” The simple solution to strangeness may be too just go with it… see where it leads.”
This post exemplifies what I love most about our wp community; by posting what we feel drawn to at any given moment, we spark thoughts and questions in others, which leads to new posts and gained insight and knowledge.

An Upturned Soul

This post is… what is a post? Some people call posts – blogs. Which term is the correct one to use? Does it matter as long as you understand what someone is saying when they say it.

But that isn’t as easy as it seems, is it.

I often misunderstand what people are saying. I used to get frustrated with myself about it, in the same way that I would get distressed and annoyed when people misunderstood what I was saying.

The latter happened so regularly that I retreated into silence… people also misunderstood my silences. Which means that solution did not solve my problem.

When I have a problem, I tend to become a bit of a mad scientist about solving it.

More often than not the solution is a simple one, but I invariably end up trying out a multitude of complicated fixes which don’t fix anything and…

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