Let it sink in

I’ll never be able to wrap my mind around the absolution of death. Of all the sciences, labs, treatments, millions spent on research….

Of all that we CAN bounce back from…. Death is the one and only thing that most do not… And can not.

How do any of us sit in ignorance of the magnitude death holds? How do we ever go a moment without the taste of deep and sincere gratitude for our next breath?

There’s a million and one ways to die…. And it takes a second… One of 31,526,000 seconds in a year…. Just 1! For a heart of stop beating… For a brain to halt any normal activity… For a neck to snap… For a major vein to be punctured.

Life’s too precious to not be real… You’re doing no one any favors by living any alternative life…. living anything but your truth and your happiness.

Think about death… Literally, take time to allow it’s reality to sink in…. face it… find out why it scares you… figure out what you need to do now and want to experience.

Life isn’t a second chance… an afterthought.

Remember that.

With Love and Light:

Nova Namastè


Zivah’s Timeline

I wished my parents would have helped me with school projects. Today, Miss Z and I worked on her very first one. There were multiple opportunities to revisit concepts she’s learned this year. We also enjoyed looking back at these points in time.

As adults, we’re BLESSED to have children look up to us. We’re blessed to have the teachable moments that we can use to lead a life in the right direction. Today, I am so blessed to have spent this time, creating this timeline, with my scholar student!

Season of Thanksgiving (#SOT30)

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November 3, 2019

Attitude of Gratitude A-Z: C

  • Can goods
  • Christmas
  • City lights
  • Choices
  • Crayons


Turkey Sliders recipe taken from Kim’s Cravings