Just yuck

Not all days are bad. Nope; they’re not.

Not all moments are bad, either.

Bad moments doesn’t make an entire day bad.

Entire crappy day doesn’t make a bad life…

For me, though all the above is true, crappy days feel super bad.

I’m the constant source of up, positive, and support.

I’m the encouragement, strong, and light.

I’m also the one who’s most alone on bad days…

Bc I’m the one who never hears that which I give others.

I doubt anyone knows if ever something is bothering me.

Wow… this really sounds like self loathing and pathetic.



WOTDP: Light

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Created for the Word Of The Day Prompt: Light 🕯️

L 🕯️Love with all you have!

I 🕯️Inspire others to grow!

G 🕯️Give when you can’t be repaid!

H 🕯️Help others when you’re able!
T 🕯️Teach virtues by example!

With Love & Light:

Nova Namastè

Season of Thanksgiving (#SOT30)

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November 7, 2019

Attitude of Gratitude A-Z: G

  • Grandparents
  • Grand staircases
  • Gliders
  • Glances
  • Giraffes

🍃 Recipe

Best crispy roasted potatoes from Serious Eats