Season of Change

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My soul has been feeling a shift for some time. I’ve learned to differentiate when it’s necessary to flow with it and when to remain still.

In the change, my heart has felt a transformation of my blogging purpose. It’s not just to discuss matters of Mental Health. I want to better utilize my blog to encourage Self Love, spread Kindness & Positivity, promote proactive behavior, support topics like Men’s Mental Health, while sharing insight into my personal life.

I have much more to do with the construction; however, I’d hope you’d be patient with me and visit.

My goal for 2020 is to transform a good blog into a great one.

With Love & Light:

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Three billion birds. — nature has no boss


The findings of a study published yesterday in the Journal Science demonstrate that North America has lost 30% of it’s birds population since 1970. The authors of this study suggest that this loss of almost 3 billion birds is like a canary in the coal mine and conclude their abstract with the statement “This loss […]

Three billion birds. — nature has no boss

WOTD: almost


Today’s word of the day is almost. You can find the the details and the archives for this prompt by visiting Tales from the Mind of Kristian.

She almost married a serial killer.

He almost passed the bar exam.

She almost reached her step goal.

He almost lost his newborn child.

She almost saw the robbery happen.

He almost caught the robber.

She almost cancelled the date.

He almost didn’t ask her out.

Almost is a brief period of time that holds tremendous significant.

With Love & Light:

Nova Namaste

Monday Morning Mindset


Taken from Emma Kate Dawson's Pinterest Page
Taken from Emma Kate Dawson’s Pinterest Page

My Teachable Tuesday posts are perfect for this! Education is a life long process… Learning new things opens doors beyond what we thought possible. What will you learn today?

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

Evening Plan is a Morning Goal

Photo taken from Pinterest

I’m working on myself. I’m always doing it. Sometimes it’s easier to discern lies from truths… but, sometimes insecurity and comparison compete for my attention. None the less, I’m still trying. It’s a life-long process.

I hope you love yourself enough to begin the unlearning.


Nova Namastè

Unsolicited Judgement

Good Morning Parents!
I just wanted to take a minute and praise you for the hard work and effort you invest into your kids.

I was at a coffee date with my six year old. Mind you I hadn’t slept well because my neighbors downstairs woke me up. Anyway, at our coffee date, I pulled out my phone to check a few things… one being an online order status. The details confused me and that’s what had my attention for a few minutes. (Again, half asleep too)

So I’m trying to get out the door, just making sure we have trash thrown away and such… when this lady confronted me about how “engrossed in my phone I was.” And “Do you engage with her? I almost feel sorry for her.”

What was it that made her feel it’s her place to criticize an individual based on one scenario? She was sitting having coffee alone.

I walked away from her before she was finished talking.
She ruined that for me.

The Road called Creation

Featured image oil painting done in app by me.


Creation is a unique road for each of us. Some of us explore it way more often than others. That’s the extent any comparison should be involved. I personally believe we all have an ability to create in some form of fashion.

In what ways can we do so?

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Painting
  • Playing an instrument
  • Writing
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Blowing glass
  • Spinning clay
  • Endless possibilities

So what’s my point? Creation is a moment of pulling something out of yourself , whether positive or negative, and redesigning it into what you make. It’s therapy. You are facing some of that which is interrupting your peace of mind, and releasing it onto /into your medium.

Facing that within yourself became a situation that allowed you to release, externally. With that being said, you can pat yourself on the back for this accomplishment: You got started.

As you clear out the negative within yourself, into a bowl, through guitar strings, whatever… Please remember that it’s important YOU fill up that space with self love and positivity.

I hope you pick up that paper and pen, or harp, or whatever it is… and you begin.

With Love & Light:

Nova Namastè

A lot of bad things can happen to you, but you do get to choose how they impact your life


A lot of bad things can happen to you, but you do get to choose how they impact your life

A lot of bad things can happen to you, but you do get to choose how they impact your life

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Weekend Writing Prompt: Replace

This is Sammi Cox’s Weekly Weekend Writing Prompt

I’ve seen ten thousand smiles,

I’ve had kisses of every kind.

I’ve laid with men and women,

But I desire your body and mind.

I’ve cuddled in their arms,

Their chest, I rested my head.

But I sync with your heartbeat,

With every beating breath.

I’ve had to rebuild my strength,

From pain I can not erase,

But, with you, I have all

That no one can replace.

With Love & Light,

Nova Namastè

Positive Affirmations 4 Men

Photo taken from Canva

No man should ever feel life is theirs, and all pain is of theirs, to cope with alone. No man should struggle with the internal beast that haunts, steals, and destroys simply because society says differently.

Here’s a few affirmations specially for my male readers, who might need to hear them.

These, and more, can be found on Motivational Joe’s page.

  1. The tone of my masculine voice communicates strength and confidence.
  2. I have a magnetic, warm, and masculine presence and handshake.
  3. I am a leader and influential man who gains respect through my actions.
  4. I am a giving man who knows how to make others feel happy about life.
  5. I am a man who is confident and strong yet caring and corroborative.

You fellas are just as badass as us women. You can be human and masculine at the same time. You have support here.

With Love & Light,

Nova Namastè

Guh! FINALLY, the weekend.

From start to finish, today was horrible! I’m so glad it’s over. I’m glad this week is over. It started off with pms and two sick kids. It’s ended with my sweetheart in the hospital for testing. My anxiety has been a pain in my chest. My sleep has been shit. I’m utterly exhausted and need positive vibes, energy, and distractions sent my way.

Thank you,

Brandy 🙏🏼

Tell the Story Challenge


Red Heels and Spilled Apples
By Mrs Kristian

First, I have to commend Mrs Kristian on her take of this challenge. She combined romance and mystery, added a dose of personal life and really tied everything into a short yet modern day Romeo and Juliet!! Please, take a minute and read her entry. She’s a fabulous writer and truly earned the love with this one.

From her entry, she posted the following photo and tagged me to tell the story.

Twilight Dances

Rosalie was a quiet widowed woman, who lived in a small two bedroom cabin ten minutes from town. Behind the cabin was three hundred yards of unsettled wilderness. She bought this place precisely for that reason. It was exactly what she needed while coping with her husband’s passing.

It’s been two years, yet she still expierences moments of agonizing reminders. She gasps as her heartstrings are pulled at the sounds of their wedding song. She’ll sob at the site of a soldier, uncontrollably and instantaneously. Her therapist has made several suggestions, ones that’ve been effective with others in her case.

In the early mornings, as the birds chirp in their clear 4×6 inch window feeder, she’ll rest at the kitchen table. With her canary pen from her best friend, and her favorite coffee mug, she’ll write out her thoughts. She and her nature creatures sharing the dawn has become a daily thing. The deer and squirrels ever so slightly glide through the trees, to her back porch. She sets out food precisely at seven.

Despite her best efforts, she’s been unsuccessfully unable to keep a job. Ms Palaiene (her therapist) has reiterated that this is normal, and that Rosalie shouldn’t be so hard on herself. She’s failed at that, too. In her free time, then, she volunteers at Grey Span Memorial Arts Academy.

This week, since Halloween is but a few weeks away, and it was one of Jason’s favorite times of the year, she planned to have her students paint a spooky self portrait scene. She completed hers this past Friday.

She calls it Twilight Dances

Her husband visits her at the first light of night, or twilight. She’s not afraid, for the sweet woodsy fragrances settle in her midst. She takes his lead, and embraces the dance… Spinning and twirling… The moist from the fog kisses her, as if placing life back in her skin. Natural sounds, like flaps from bats and crickets chirp create a bittersweet symphony. For five minutes, she doesn’t ache from her pain.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I’m taking three bloggers below.

Nova Namastè

Passing the Challenge to:

  1. Darnell at Fictionista/ Musings of Darnell Cureton
  2. Stroke Survivor UK
  3. CoffeeMamma

The image I’ve chosen for you

Photo credit attached
Photo credit attached

This chef and humanitarian has served more than 300,00 free meals in the Bahamas

What a heartwarming story from such a tragic disaster.

Jose Andres, the chef known for feeding victims of natural disasters is serving thousands of free meals in the Bahamas which was hit by Hurricane Dorian.
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Gratitude Journal 10/08/19


Made this, this evening 😁🥰

Today, I’m thankful for

  1. Green lights
  2. Second chances
  3. Leftovers
  4. Artwork that turns out nice
  5. Fans
  6. Hot glue guns
  7. My girls
  8. Accomplished tasks
  9. Free samples
  10. Soft sheets
  11. Pincones
  12. Grapeseed oil

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè

McDonald in Sweden turns roadside billboards into ‘tiny hotels’ to save honey bees

Way to go McDonalds!!!! Yay!!!!!

McDonald in Sweden turns roadside billboards into ‘tiny hotels’ to save honey bees

McDonald in Sweden turns roadside billboards into ‘tiny hotels’ to save honey bees

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Morning Mindset


Inspired by a fantastic post by Beckie at Beckie’s Mental Mess 🙂

Breathe my friends, breathe💛

Good Afternoon, Evening, and Morning.

#SpeakLife into yourself 

#SpeakTruth into your mind 

#SpeakConfidence into your heart

#SpeakLove into this world 

Spread Kindness like it’s all the world has left. 

Namastè ☀🌌

One People

We are one race. We are one people.

No person better than or less than the next.

No one a math problem to solve.

No one a messy pile of brokenness to fix.

We all bleed red. We all feel.

We have talents. We contribute in our unique ways.

No person is a pile of unwanted weakness.

No person is born perfect and flawless.

We are all human.

Inspired by Michael Jackson

We Are The World 🌎 Africa

All photos taken from Pinterest

Face Value


I’ve never been one to take life at face value. It could be my overwhelming sense of curiosity or my innate sense of ” I call bullshit”.

Sometime, this has lead me to great discovery… so much so that I’ve shocked myself.

Sometimes, it’s brought frustration and loss, anger and tons of miscommunication.

I recognize this within myself. I recognize that this is “a bigger picture” in this world, bigger than myself and all that’s immediate.

Whether we’re looking at an image and leisurely testing our super powers, or we’re standing in the endless Walmart checkout line, and overhear a mom scolding her child…

We can’t judge… we can’t decide or intrude or even respond based on face value.

What’s REALLY going on… Is often buried.

Why? That’s none of our business.

Just something to think about:D

With Love and Light

Nova Namaste



After 3 months, he finally left his haven, Gray-Salon Memorial. He remembered nothing about what happened. Detectives stated there was a motorcycle accident. Something about some red scarf and an old skeleton key.

Formulated for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt. Check it out:D

Thursday’s #writephoto Prompt


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a deserted path through the woods, carpeted with the fallen leaves of autumn.


Crisp air.

Autumn scene.

We strolled along.

Yellow, red, and brown

Leaves dancing in sky.

Birds chirping sweet melodies.

I snuggled closer to your left side.

Perfect moment, forever a timeless


Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Write Photo Prompt.

Coming Out About Mental Health On Social Media | Kaiser Health News

💕🤗🥰 Beckie & Ash, check this out.

Talking about your mental health on social media is a thing, and it could actually help.
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This cheerleader jumps off float to save choking toddler during homecoming parade

Feel Good Friday Feels!!!

Not all heroes wear capes😁

This cheerleader jumps off float to save choking toddler during homecoming parade
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