Crimson’s Creative Challenge #52

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Chloe sat in the center of a nearby wood. Two hours ago, as she traveled to her therapist’s office, her social anxiety rapidly escalated. Since returning to civilian life, she’s severely struggled with her PTSD. Here, she can sit in silence and not fear. Here, she can actually be and feel ok. Since Sandra, her confidant and progressional ear, met her three years ago, Chloe has grown to accept herself. Three times a week, now, she embraces her Shinrin-yoku, forest-bathing. It’s apart of her newly incorporated self-care plan.

With Love & Light:

Nova Namastè


Monday Morning Mindset


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This would be such a cliché if it weren’t true… This world needs so so much more love. Wouldn’t a Monday start perfectly, if you knew you started it’s travels? You can’t ever tell who will need it or who’s life it will touch. That wripple spreds far and wide.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

Positive Affirmations 4 Men

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No man should ever feel life is theirs, and all pain is of theirs, to cope with alone. No man should struggle with the internal beast that haunts, steals, and destroys simply because society says differently.

Here’s a few affirmations specially for my male readers, who might need to hear them.

These, and more, can be found on Motivational Joe’s page.

  1. The tone of my masculine voice communicates strength and confidence.
  2. I have a magnetic, warm, and masculine presence and handshake.
  3. I am a leader and influential man who gains respect through my actions.
  4. I am a giving man who knows how to make others feel happy about life.
  5. I am a man who is confident and strong yet caring and corroborative.

You fellas are just as badass as us women. You can be human and masculine at the same time. You have support here.

With Love & Light,

Nova Namastè

Face Value


I’ve never been one to take life at face value. It could be my overwhelming sense of curiosity or my innate sense of ” I call bullshit”.

Sometime, this has lead me to great discovery… so much so that I’ve shocked myself.

Sometimes, it’s brought frustration and loss, anger and tons of miscommunication.

I recognize this within myself. I recognize that this is “a bigger picture” in this world, bigger than myself and all that’s immediate.

Whether we’re looking at an image and leisurely testing our super powers, or we’re standing in the endless Walmart checkout line, and overhear a mom scolding her child…

We can’t judge… we can’t decide or intrude or even respond based on face value.

What’s REALLY going on… Is often buried.

Why? That’s none of our business.

Just something to think about:D

With Love and Light

Nova Namaste

CEO gives car to student who walked 20 miles for his first day at work

This makes my heart so happy 🌟🥰

CEO gives car to student who walked 20 miles for his first day at work
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Choose Peace of Mind

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Good Afternoon, Evening, and Morning.

#SpeakLife into yourself 

#SpeakTruth into your mind 

#SpeakConfidence into your heart

#SpeakLove into this world 

Spread Kindness like it’s all the world has left. 


Emotionally Triggered


Excellent article called, How to Find Balance When You’re Emotionally Triggered , about how to work through those emotions and successfully move forward!!! A for certain, must read!!!

First step to preventing is identifying your Cause!!

This is HUGE!! It may be the most uncomfortable part of the process… because a cause means pain, hurt, embarrassment, suppression, memories… lots of dark and dark junk inside you that’s still… STILL affecting your life, mind, and relationships.

Take some time, as much as you need… and identify what triggers you into anxiety? Depression? Manic Bipolar Spells? Seizures? As you begin breaking down the tangled web, you’ll realize it doesn’t look so scary… because there are actual answers and solutions. There are actual tangible goals that CAN be accomplished in achieving a healthier you.

I want to encourage you to write your journey down! Please don’t feel obligated to share it with anyone. It’s a method that allows you to reflect on how far you’ve come, what habits and patterns are developing, what needs critiqued. It’s your story, and only yours to walk.

I found this in the article linked to this post. It’s a piece of wisdom I will be applying to my own life. I hope it provides you with the same restored sense of control as it did for me.

May you be at peace with yourself tonight.

Namastè 🙏🏼


Men’s Mental Health – Why it has become the Silent Epidemic, and what to do about it – Life Lab Magazine

Guys, it’s ok to be human and express yourself. Sure it may not feel natural but uncomfortable is EXACTLY how you grow. I’m here if you need support 🤗🤗💚💚


Men’s mental health has become a silent epidemic. Read on to find out more about this issue, and what you can do to help yourself
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What Are Your Emotions Really Telling You? | Brighter Path Counseling

This is profound:

One important note to remember is that your emotions are not facts.  Your emotions are entirely valid- meaning that they are never right or wrong.  But, they are not always based on realistic or rational thoughts

One important note to remember is that your emotions are not facts.  Your emotions are entirely valid- meaning that they are never right or wrong.  But, they are not always based on realistic or rational thoughts. 
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So I ask you…..


Is the objective to (try) limited angry citizens from committing shooting rampages???


Is it to stop killing innocent people???

{Notice the first is focused on the weapon of choice. The second focuses on the victims}

Guns aren’t the only way it’s happening… But, boy, it seems to me, guns are all lots are worried about!!

Angry people are hurting others. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical or verbal. Have you listened to the suicide statistics due to bullying? Have you been listening at all???

Attacker kills 4, wounds 2 in California stabbing rampage |

Here is a man that exemplifies that the issue isn’t a “gun control issue”…. Here’s a man who has a “anger” issue, and hurt others. Sure, maybe not 19 or 40 people, but speaking of the innocence, comparison has no place!

A man who was “full of anger” stabbed, slashed and robbed his way across two Southern California cities in a bloody rampage that killed four people and wounded two others who were apparently targeted at random, authorities said.
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These 27 Self-Care Charts Will Get You Through The Rest Of This Week

Highly recommend you take a look at this, and reference it when needed 💚💚💚💚

These 27 Self-Care Charts Will Get You Through The Rest Of This Week
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Fandango’s Provocative Question


You can find all the details to his thought provoking post HERE🙂

His question: What are the 3 biggest challenges in your country right now? If you’re not Up-to-date on the news, you can respond on a personal level.

I don’t follow the news much; however, one doesn’t need to in order to see big issues in my country.

#1. Racism has been and forever will be the biggest challenge. Sadly, it’s the easiest one to fix. No motherfucker is better than the next. We all are immortal and we all hurt. One day we all are going to die. The ones who are remembered choose to live life with intention and a long term purpose.

#2. Gun violence, unfortunately, has crept it’s way up under the wing of issue 1. I don’t understand why the world feels shooting is going to solve problems. It’s everywhere though. Just last week, right outside a local public library, here in Cleveland, a man shot another man over some weed. The victim didn’t survive. He was 19.

#3. Poverty is the third biggest issue. Again, I’m starting to believe this is a global issue, but I don’t understand why. There’s more empty houses in the United States than there are homeless individuals??!!! It makes no sense. There’s been reports in the last few years where laws and restrictions have been placed about what can be done with outdated food or overstock.

It seems that alittle more love and kindness can solve all kinds of problems… Or maybe I’m just nieve.

Weekly Song Challenge #22

Music is always good for the soul.

This is Laura’s, from Lauarvent69, weekly song challenge. You can read, and listen, more of her challenge HERE:D

I have to send a special shoutout to the loveliest Beckie, from Beckie’s Mental Mess, for the tag. She’s included me, with special consideration of inclusion, while I’m going through a difficult time. I think that’s the best part about this community.


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Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
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EVERY SINGLE EMOTION HAS A PURPOSE, a reason for being , IN YOUR LIFE. Love yourself and those around you through each and every one of them. Right now, this moment is the ONLY guaranteed. Your truth is whatever you are experiencing, and it’s ok.

💌Nova Namaste

Working On Us – Week 6


This is my interpretation of Beckie’s Mental Mess, weekly “Working on Us” prompt. You can read more about it here🙂

She posted a few questions, as well as a picture (or two). Same as she does every week.

This week I was struggling to choose between the two photos, so I’m going to do the first.


I immediately thought, on that’s simple… Depression is dark and the tree is signifying the way out. The more I stared at it, something deeper happened.

The blackened area is nearly impossible to navigate. That’s what depression feels like. There’s no light, no sense of direction. The darkened area is also enclosed. There’s endless darkness; and it feels like it’s going to swallow us up. There’s no hope, no way out, no running from it, no avoiding it…

It’s then, that depression leads to in bed all day. It leads to no showers for days, little appetite, all that is colorless, dingy, gloomy, and powerless. Our depression doesn’t remove what we have. It merely dims the light around it, with grief, lies, and black.

It takes deliberate persistence to refind that mustard seed of hope. It’s always been there; it’ll always be there. The tree is our roots, the center that keeps us grounded. It’s the truths that shine, despite circumstances.

This was a refreshing reminder that our circumstances don’t remove roots of our true selves.   

Unpeople Pleasing🤔😂

🙏🏼 Namastè

Can’t say I didn’t take accountability for myself! Haha. Listen though y’all, going through life and trying to please everyone isn’t living… It’s existing. You’re trying to prevent conflict. You’re trying to keep a consistent flow. You’re trying to be cool with everyone.

Is that being honest with yourself? Seems to me, that’s a lifestyle of someone who doesn’t know who he/she is. This individual just blends in with the rest, never ruffling feathers.

Knowing who you are is important. Living your truths is even more important… And guess what, more often than not, truth is going to piss someone off! It’s true. You’re going to decide to set yourself free; and people are absolutely going to hate you for it…

Maybe you’re free from their control.

Maybe you’re free from their munipulation.

Maybe free from abuse, neglect, and misuse.

Whatever you leave behind, and whatever future YOU decide for you, count on making a few enemies.

But, tell yourself it’s ok… Because it is. You’re not living for anyone but yourself anymore. This is especially true for those so called ” close family members and friends”, that never treated you how you deserved.

When you’re doing things right, you’ll have people who disapprove. Those who love you, will get over it. Those who don’t, are finally facing an issue they’ve suppressed for to long and it finally resurfaced. (They should be thanking you!).

But, most importantly, you’ll be living… And that’s the purpose of being alive.

Gratitude Journal 07/06/19


What I’m grateful for today?

Photo Credit: free media from WP


  • Organic Food
  • Farmers
  • Bees
  • Reusing
  • Playgrounds
  • Pillows
  • Candles
  • Fresh produce
  • Artwork
  • Swans

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Working on Us” Week #4

Birdcage image found in Pinterest.
Featured image found in Beckie’s Blog.

Every Thursday, Beckie, from Beckie’s Mental Mess, blogs about the dangerously increasing issue of mental health. She includes a few questions and an image, encouraging participants to write of that which sparks inspiration. You can check out last week’s submittions by clicking the link above.

I am usually drawn to the images in the prompt. This week follows suite.


The darkness fell upon her,

Just as the sunset faded to night.

She feared these hours, most.

The voices would soon, resonate,

The secrets of her past, horrors of

Her life, and lies about her character.

Quiet Whispers, subtle and familiar,

The haunting familiarity of endless hours.

Her mistakes visited, stared her in the face.

Anxiety attacked every inch of her weakening confidence.

Insecurities surfaced, breaking her down.

The night brought her storms,

Caging her into solitude, fearful of judgement.

She struggled with facing society, functioning normally,

And do so while sensing judgement from every passerby.

Until, one day, she declared, “Enough!”

She spread her wings

And broke free.

Listen to Me!

Listening is a gift.

If nothing else, would you take time to simply give someone undivided attention? Would you actively listen to someone so he/she feels heard? It’s all the individual wants sometimes… It’s easy to do… It’s a kind gesture… And it’s worth everything to the recipient and free from you.

Listen to Me!

Listen to Me
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The Dawn has Come


I’ve been through some crap. I’m hella certainly not going to devalue it, for ANY reasons!

Testing my sanity, yesterday was an emotional war!!

But, I wept.. and the morning came!

In 9 days, 18 families lost loved ones to an evil addiction.

Morning didn’t come for those 18 overdose victims. Mourning came to the brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.

You see, this is my “time of healing” and ” silver lining ” that I knew was coming!

No it’s NOT the death of human life… it’s the LIFE of MY LOVED ONES 🧡💚 God KNOWS my Boyfriend’s son makes me nuts, but he’s important to me! My boyfriend can drive me crazy. My girls push my buttons… But you know what, none of them are out fighting such a monstrous evil!

When you WANT to see POSITIVE and HEALING… When that’s your intention, you WILL 💖

8 Overdose Deaths Over Memorial Day Weekend – Cleveland, OH – At least 18 overdose deaths have occurred since May 20, according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office.
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What Quantum Science Reveals About Your Life’s Destiny


Science defines how much control we have over our lives and realities.

How to be more in control of your life and health using principles based on the discoveries of quantum
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