Monday Morning Mindset


Taken from Emma Kate Dawson's Pinterest Page
Taken from Emma Kate Dawson’s Pinterest Page

My Teachable Tuesday posts are perfect for this! Education is a life long process… Learning new things opens doors beyond what we thought possible. What will you learn today?

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè


Word of The Day Challenge: Masterpiece


Check out this challenge here=)

There’s no one like you. A unique design, original copy, a 1st edition! You are one of a kind, extraordinary, and special. You are the blueprint of you, the start of many amazing things. You are the instructions manual for your life, the assemble instructions for your thoughts, and the constructor of your reality.

You’re worthy, valuable, important, talented, capable, and respected.

It’s easier to listen to lies; but, don’t forget who you really are.