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One More Day

Su Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt

The man, and his dog, sat on the front porch swing, and watched the sun set, below the far away hills. Sixty-seven years, Mr Silversteun lived in this house. It was the one his parents, Bertha and Fred Silversteun, bought right before his birth.

On December 21, 1952, in the wee early morning hours, a nine pound 11 oz baby boy gave his first cry. Bertha and Fred were beyond themselves, for the doctors repeatedly announced they were unable to have children. Within a few hours post birth, his nurses diagnosed Charles with SSHL (sudden sensorineural hearing loss).

Though there were moments of self loathing, he intentionally lived through his vision. Graduating, with honors, from a prestigious university for the deaf, he worked as a Sign Language college professor. In addition, in his free time, he diligently invested into his passion for painting.

He created images in his mind, inspired by what he saw and read. Though most couldn’t quite understand him verbally, there was no questioning his art. He painted from his soul.

With much love & light,

Nova Namastè


Weekend Writing Prompt: Translation


Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt is Translation😀

Henretta was sitting in the library, hoping not to be noticed. Her big green eyes and sunset colors hair made such nearly impossible.

She sat, diligently scribbling Anthropology Chapter 31 notes; when she was hit with a paper airplane.

It read:

Saçların deniz kenarında bir yaz gecesi gibidir. Gözlerimi senden alamam.

Güneş gibi ateşlisin.


” What on earth?” She thought to herself, ” How am I suppose to read this?”

” It’s Ariabic!” Razia shouted from across the room. ” The translation would say: Your hair is like a summer’s evening by the sea. I can’t take my eyes from you. You are hot like the sun.”

Henretta was embarrassingly hot from his attention.

It never ever fails.


Evening Thoughts 🌙


Photo Credit Gabriel Garcia Marengo

The day’s over.

I made it through.

Might not have been easy;

But, I did it.

My precious toddler wanted

Mommy to help her fall asleep.

That moment, watching her sleep,

Made me so proud.

Something I never heard my

Parents say.

My “me time” is so close,

I can almost taste the wine.

My dear friend checked in with me.

She’s such a gem.

Slow progress is better than no progress.

Some situations aren’t on my list to


My morning glories are flourishing;

I can’t wait to see their color.

My life is so complex… There’s so much

That pulls my emotions.

I’m so grateful that I made it through

Another day.