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A masque is fabulous for your skin, or a fabulous finish to a costume, but it’s never meant to be permanent.

Nova Namastè


Midweek Hello


Paint by number

Good Morning ☕️ Happy Wednesday Beautiful People. I wanted to ask Would you please keep my boyfriend in your thoughts, prayers, and send him positive vibes/good energy? He’s really going through some tough stuff right now, and I feel completely hopeless. Thank you so much!

Other than, half the week gone already, what’s happening ya’ll? Anything exciting? Yesterday I got a Facebook message from my twin. I was thinking on man! Something HAS to be wrong! Turns out he found gold in the department of family history!!! I’m the first person he thought of and wanted to tell me about it. Pretty neat huh??!! I’m stoked to see it and read through it.

What’s your weekend plans? How’s your work going? Any major writing accomplishments this week?

With Love & Light

Nova’s Wise Words Wednesdays


“Bubbles:) There, helped you smile didn’t I?! Does it every time! “


“Just once, in your lifetime, do something unrepayable, for someone else. It’ll change his/her life and yours. ”

Nova 🙏🏼

#NDRW – #51


Today’s word is variable.

Good Afternoon, Evening, and Morning.

#SpeakLife into yourself 

#SpeakTruth into your mind 

#SpeakConfidence into your heart

#SpeakLove into this world 

Spread Kindness like it’s all the world has left. 

Namastè â˜€ðŸŒŒ

Nova’s Wise Words Wednesdays


(I’m playing catch up)


Silently, sit with yourself, in the middle of nowhere. The world around you wants to teach you about notable miracles and profound magic.


Before you can tell me who you are not, you must know who you are.

Nova’s Wise Words Wednesdays


When all is said and done, and you’re alone, standing before a reflection, if you can’t verbalize a thought, don’t say it elsewhere. Only you have to live with it’s birth; & words can’t be unspoken.

Morning Coffee ☕️


Photo taken by Sogard on Pixabay

*Waving* Hello WP Family 😀

How is everyone doing this morning? Did you have a smooth start to your day? Coffee? Watched the sun rise with your furbabies and nature friends? Those of you who religiously read the paper, any news worth sharing? Please share with me, what’s your typical morning routine.

When I got up, I checked my phone for boyfriend update. There hasn’t been anything yet. Then I checked my email, and I received an email from someone who emoji flipped finger at me… Like five times, guys! That’s some offensive crap eh? I mean email and emoji… And she’s 11 years older than myself. The reality is some individuals won’t ever change because denial has stunt their growth. She’s my past. There’s a reason why she’s there. She’s taught me about truth; though, but that’s a topic for another post. 


Next, I went to my Keurig and formulated a delicious cup of coffee, while my little one heard me and greeted me with her PJMask toys 🙂 Right now, they’re both relaxing on my bed, watching Sofia the First. Breakfast is Captive Crunch, peanut butter crunch. I’m sitting here, thinking about the day. The weather is suppose to be really nice. Sunshine is always welcomed. It boosts my mood every time.

Oh this is a good idea to include in this post.

Let’s see the three things I’m grateful for are:

1. My friend Tracy. She’s been in contact with me consistently for the last few days.

2. The Morning Glory seeds I bought are sprouting really well. I can’t wait to see their color.

3. My daughter’s In-home preschool teacher agreed to pick up a few items from the store for me since I’m without a vehicle. It’s really those little gestures of kindness that make the difference! 

Bonus: There’s little quarrel between my girls this morning! That always feels wonderful. I question if I fight every battle that arise or if I’m not consistent enough with parenting them. Does a mother’s mind ever stop 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️💛?!

Ok, I’m going to do some blog commenting and daily challenges. I sure hope you’re doing well and feel a sense of peace and joy this morning. 


Until Next Time ~ 


Happy Wednesday


Sending my dose of love & positivity your way!

You’re awesome, remember that 😉

~ Nova 💖

Always Seek An Adventure


A man dressed as Superman smiles at patient Joao Bertola, 2, and his father at the Hospital Infantil Sabara in Sao Paulo, Brazil. -Nacho Doce / Reuters

(taken from Pinterest) Taken from buzzfeednews


The little boy smiled in wide-eyed wonder! There before him, Superman, swinging from his super strong chord!! The boy laughed with utter delight, gibbering to his father. The story couldn’t escape his lips fast enough. He giggled and pressed his tiny little palm against the glass. Superman raised his hand, and met the little boys. Joao looked at his father with the most intrepid sense in his eyes, nearly ready to jump on the ledge himself.

Superman was his little man’s favorite. He loved the red cape, and matching boots. The hard days, when Joao struggles to get through chemo treatment, Superman is always there. He’s cheering Joao on, reminding him that not all heroes wear capes. He even agreed to give little Joao his cape when the last treatment is finished.

Together, they worked through the fight. The cancer was gone, and the two heroes remained friends.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: intrepid



I’m sitting here, thinking about another blogger who wrote a “sit in” post. {That which is written while at the place the post takes place}.

I’m here @ McDonald’s (🥴); there’s only so much my girls would eat right now.

We are the only individuals in the seating area and playground.

Our store location is on the corner, from a Shell gas station ($2.29/gallon), Happy’s Pizza (which is disgusting to me!), and this other business I can’t see out the window.

The weather isn’t too cold, just enough to tease us of how Spring feels.

The customers are accumulating, a very odd set of three came in… Two of three in hoodies. I would say they’re high school age.

I’m sitting here drinking a large Dr Pepper. The staff is talking loud enough for everyone to hear. When I worked in fast food, we didn’t talk like that.

Today’s been an emotional day, most defiantly when my mind created problems that I don’t believe existed. I couldn’t get loose from the anxiety. I guess I should be gentle on myself for trying.

Anyway, this momma is utterly drained. Seven thirty can’t come soon enough.



~ Happy WaCkY wEdNeSdAy~

All pictures taken from Pinterest-

Haha, I bet somebody’s going to be singing this all day;)

#Women2follow Wednesday

#women2follow Wednesday

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