WOTDP: Light

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Created for the Word Of The Day Prompt: Light 🕯️

L 🕯️Love with all you have!

I 🕯️Inspire others to grow!

G 🕯️Give when you can’t be repaid!

H 🕯️Help others when you’re able!
T 🕯️Teach virtues by example!

With Love & Light:

Nova Namastè


WOTD: almost


Today’s word of the day is almost. You can find the the details and the archives for this prompt by visiting Tales from the Mind of Kristian.

She almost married a serial killer.

He almost passed the bar exam.

She almost reached her step goal.

He almost lost his newborn child.

She almost saw the robbery happen.

He almost caught the robber.

She almost cancelled the date.

He almost didn’t ask her out.

Almost is a brief period of time that holds tremendous significant.

With Love & Light:

Nova Namaste

WOTD: Youthful

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Included is the Word of the Day, youthful. You can find the details and many previous ones here🙂 Remember, never stop learning.

Rain Drops

He pushed one arm through his yellow and blue favorite raincoat. He’s worn it so often that it’s color has become faded. He didn’t care, though. It was perfect in every way. Just as quickly, he pushed his other arm through the other sleeve and buttoned it up.

The rain had just started, but it was pouring buckets. Meteorologists have been warning nearby cities about hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, he and his family weren’t in the range of danger. He was actually able to enjoy the water.

Mareen stood at the kitchen window, as Haden ran out to play. All of eight years old, he has had six surgeries, 8 transfusions, and endless hours of therapy, recovery, and setbacks. She wrestled with grief every day. As she stood there, mesmerized by her youthful miracle.. She was reminded of such a valuable lesson.

There’s sunshine in between raindfalls. When we dance in the storm, the passing is that much sweeter.

With that, she quickly snatched her coast from the coast tree and headed out the door.

WOTDC: Match


Today’s Word of the Day Challenge is, match. You can read about the challenge on this blog, Tales from the Mind of Kristian.

My washer has a mind of it’s own. No two socks are thrown in for a cycle; and the match exists for a dry cycle. Maybe, the socks find a different soulmate. Perhaps, there’s a sacred hidden door in the machine. They crossover to this new and exciting world, and can’t return. Perhaps there’s a sock fairy, and it’s against her kingdom’s law to be seen. She has to be unnoticed when she sweeps in to grab her treasure. I can’t understand, why smelly yucky socks though? I don’t know.

Till next time fairy, don’t take mine.

Word of the Day: Lingering


The lingering stench of bad decisions suffocated Carl, as he clumsily tried standing. His head throbbed; and the faint light shining through the curtains felt like a jack hammer to the skull.

” Where does she keep the aspirin?” He grumbled in irritability. Hangover is not a good look for him.

He took the glass, from the strainer, and filed it half full with water. Carefully, he turned around and made his way to the bathroom.

James, his lifelong friend, made it as far as the hallway. He looked ROUGH… His collard shirt was half His from his hands. He was missing a shoe and sock from one foot. To top off the look, he smelled like regret. Puke was all down the front of him, that Carl could see anyway.

“Wow dude, you must have partied hard!” He said to his friend, while passing by.

Stepping over him, Carl made it to the bathroom. He hoped there would be aspiran in the medicine cabinet.

“Shit!” He whispered. With no relief, he made his way back out of the bathroom.

” Maybe there’s some in her nightstand!” He thought, heading in that direction.

Tracey, Carl’s female best friend, was sleeping next to the sliding closet doors. She was still wearing the cute Al Chazier fleek black evening dress from the night before. He had a crush on her all the while they were growing up. In middle school, during one of the yearly dances, they missed. It was awkward. They bumped heads. They never did anything like it since.

Carefully squirming past her, Carl made it to the night stand. In luck, there was a bottle of medication inside.

” Whew! Thank God!” He murmured, as he popped the lid of and tapped two whole white pills into his palm.

Throwing his head, he gulped the water, washing down the medication as fast as possible. He’d been hungover plenty of times, but this felt different. His body felt extra heavy, and he felt extra warm. It was only May, so the outside temps weren’t the New York hot yet.

” Damn! I’m still not feeling it!” He thought, as he stumbled past Tracy, on his way out of the room. As he approached the James, still passed out in the hallway, his throat began to tighten.

” WTF!” He panicked. Shortly thereafter, his vision began to blur, and he desperately needed to get back to the sink.

Practically plummeting facedown into the carpet, he desperately tried to regain control of himself. He had no idea what was happening, and no one else was comprehensive to help.

Slowly, griping the nearby furniture to stay up, he made it to the kitchen. His breathing now was gasping. His chest heavy, as of cement blocks were loading for transporting. He felt himself slipping.

“Forget the water, where’s the damn phone?!” He mustered out. He collapsed to the floor and laid on his back. With one hand over his heart, he felt a trail of tears stream down his cheek. Ten minutes later, he gasped for the last time.

Sonya emerged from the walk in pantry. This was her birthday; it was her party the night before. She wasn’t going to allow someone to ruin it for her. Carl had just met her; however, when he started drinking he became obnoxiously frustrating.

He made the mistake of getting in front of the mic and giving a less than pleasant birthday toast.

Sonya tip toed over to where Carl laid motionless.

” I tried to warn you, fool! ” She whispered with this evil look to her eyes.

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge; found here🙂

#OWP #WOTDC: Envision


What timing, and quite the suitable word, for The Word of the Day Challenge. It’s also called #OneWordPrompt, I believe.

Today, the world is envision. As I sit here, on 18, February, 2019… Known as President’s Day, in my country, I can’t help but to feel a melting pot of emotions.

In high school, my History teacher, Mr. Kidder, taught the foundations of this country… Or so they (our government) had lead me to believe.

He taught me Christopher Columbus discovered this “new land”…. He taught of the pilgrimage John Smith endured, and the Native American people he encountered. He taught about the wars, and slavery, the greatness of President Lincoln and President Jackson.

I felt proud to be American,…. And ashamed of my leaders. This established feeling escalated through my early adult years, learning the hidden truths of history.

There’s so much our government hasn’t told us. There’s so much more to US History, that paints a heartbreaking picture. I’m not proud of our leaders. I can’t say I’m proud of many of our Presidents. Their choices haven’t been to establish equality for all… And they’ve done so with utter disgraceful lies and secrecy.

This is “Adam Ruins Everything “… You may find yourself questioning what you thought to be truth, as well.

Listen Carefully

#WOTD: Admire


The more I see of deer, the more I admire them as mountaineers. They make their way into the heart of the roughest solitudes with smooth reserve of strength, through dense belts of brush and forest encumbered with fallen trees and boulder piles, across canons, roaring streams, and snow-fields, ever showing forth beauty and courage. John Muir


Office Party Analysis

To Go or Not to Go

Sarah was the beautiful butterfly in every crowd. Contradictorily, she was quiet and reserved. On a Friday night, she’d prefer to be home with her cat Milo, wearing  oversized comfy clothes and fuzzy socks. She didn’t mind the quiet. She didn’t mind being alone.

This year, her work began planning the annual Christmas party early. Her stomach turned nauseous. She doesn’t want to appear ungrateful; however, she really couldn’t handle being caught under the mistletoe.

Uncertain as to what she will do, Sarah slipped into her thoughts, and the chatting of the office faded. She’d like to celebrate with her co-workers. They’re a fantastic bunch. Her best friend, Tracy, was hired a year before. When Sarah was hired, Tracy was extremely helpful and unusually friendly. It caught Sarah off gaurd, at first; but, she quickly learned there’s nothing secretive about Tracy. She’s bubbly, confident, loud, and social.

Sarah, then, decided she’d also enjoy the music and the white elephant gift exchange. Last year, she recieve a roll of toilet paper, imprinted with coal. She laughed so hard because it was completely appropriate and unexpected. In addition, the food was always an amazingly catered dinner from Tom’s Seaside Lounge and Grill. It’s a popular place here in Gander, Newfoundland.

On the other hand, it’s going to be a difficult and frigid Winter’s night and and parking is going to be impossible.

Greg will probably be there, too. He’s made it obvious that he has feelings for her, despite the company policy about fraternizing. Knowing Greg, she’d show up and he’d bring the mistletoe with him. Suffocating! Guh, not to mention this poor guy has never had a girlfriend and wears entirely to much Tommy Hilfiger.

As she continued working on her mountain stack of data entry paperwork, Sarah also kept busy analyzing the scenarios of this party. Eventually, she’ll make a decision.

Written for  The Word of the Day (secretive)

Also for Sheryl’s Word of the Day Challenge

#FOWC: Center

” I believe, in the center of it all, all that lives, all that grieves, and all that matters… In the center of all the hate, the unexpected blessings, and the prayers unanswered.., in the sunrises and early birds’ song, in the second guessing, second chances, and second half of life…love is all one sees. Love is what makes everything and anything “be”💕

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city sky cloudy skyline
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

#FOWC: Drawer

Photo Prompt Credit : Patt Mike on Pixabay

In the comfort of familiar four walls, the man sat comfortably, in his drawers. These were his absolutely favorite pair. They were light green, with splashes of neon blue and orange across the material. Not only, were they the most comfortable pair, but also, held sentimental value. His sister had gifted them to him four years ago, as a going away gift. They had always been so close and were never good at good byes.

Photo Credit Source : DanceERB on Pixabay

He had entered a contest being held at his local art gallery. The theme was “Repurpose”. He knew exactly what he wanted to create, and he worked diligently until his piece was perfect. Since he was a child, he’s always thrown himself deep into the arts. This was his voice when the teenage years were aggravating. This was his sense of healing when he lost his parents in a skydiving accident. It was through a painting, that he felt alive again…There’s been freedom in this escape. He was so grateful for the talents he’s been given.

Finally, after several hours, he was finished. It was simple but yet held an appreciation for creativity. Ironically, that could be his mantra for his own life. Simplicity births opportunity and better life. This he understands.

Photo Credit : Congerdesign on Pixabay

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#FOWC: Symbolism

Look at the clouds! My personal storm has felt like that all day today. Dark, angry, fierce, and not moving out any time soon. It’s crazy, if I didn’t know better, I’d think INFJs could affect the weather. I know that sounds crazy; but, I do wonder.

Thankfully, the silver lining is that it didn’t spoil my day! It was Monday and it planned on being screwy regardless! In the bottom photo, it appears as if the sky said ” I will draw closed the light to affirm a shity day is OK.”

Draw is the #FOWC. Fandango’s One Word Challenge

Spoil is the Daily Addiction word. The Daily Addiction Challenge

#WAD: Grace

Photo Prompt Credit attached to photo

“…I often wondered just how far back my girls – or any of us – would have to trace to stop the flow of regrets.

‘If we hadn’t let our guard down…,’ one might confess. But history no doubt contained many pages before that moment. Leaving thoughts unchecked. Challenging the edges of danger, not recognizing that the cliff edge is not solid granite but crumbling sandstone. Entertaining, if only for a flash, risk’s possibility. Opening the door to opportunity. Not looking away when sin’s bribe was offered, as if the agreement held no consequences.

How far back would we have to go to find the blink of time in which a wiser choice – a different choice – would have changed everything?

I learned and taught that a person doesn’t burn to death by falling on the fire, but by staying there. I learned, too, that grace heals scars, massages the stiffness out of losses, creates purpose out of pain. And that the deeper the mine of shame, the richer the vein of gratitude.” 
 Cynthia Ruchti, When the Morning Glory Blooms

Grace should always be the gift we first give ourselves 🙏🏼💛🕉️♋️

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Concern is great! It feels amazing to hear someone is concerned about me. That’s love; but, sometimes, concern isn’t enough.

I hope we all have the courage to do more… To go beyond… When it’s needed and necessary!

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#WAD: Solitary

This word brings a number of thoughts to my mind.

  1. Solitary confinement. This was a place used in one of my favorite movies and TV series. The unfortunate decay of sanity in isolation is rather disturbing to me, though. I do believe humans need one another to survive. The struggle of solitary confinement emphasizes the power of the human mind.
  2. Historical change. A solitary individual sat in the “whites” section of a bus. A solitary March for freedom exemplified human rights to peaceful protest. The power of one can be just as influencial as the power of many.
  3. Single parenting. Good parents work endlessly to raise children right. They do so by by example, word, and deed. Some good parents are single parents. The struggle of that scenario can be much more difficult. I admire those in this case.
  4. Severe mental health patients and the elderly. Individuals become isolated because of a mental health condition. Whether due to development or aging, the mind alters thinking, behaving, and personalities. The safety of the individual is utmost important. When a person embarks on a solitary incident that threatens his /her safety, loved ones consider professional supervision. This whole ideas is disheartening to me. Independence gives one such an important sense of identity and freedom.
  5. The card game. As minut as this is, Solitary is one of my favorite card games.




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#WAD: Inevitable

The deliciously inevitable pair 🍩☕️!!


This post is my next entry in Roger Shipp’s The Daily Addictions Challenge. You can learn more about his challenge, view the chosen word prompts, and read previous posts by clicking on his name 🙂

#WAD: Muster

As Fredrick stood outside the meeting door, he felt much more collected. Quickly, he was able to regain his professional composure.

While his heartbeat slowed, Fredrick remembered a peculiar scene he witnessed this morning. He stepped out of the taxi, and there behind a company garbage bin, was a tan tabby cat. Roughly six inches away, was a muster of other cats, clustered together, facing the tabby.

Fredrick never makes time for what’s going on around him; his job is a constant To-Do manual, scrolling through his mind. On this particular morning; though, the cat possy made him question the intelligence of other species. Leadership and agenda, survival and challenges, Fredrick accepted these cats understood all that too!

Thankful for that brief moment, he chuckled, shook his head, and returned to his meeting.

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#WAD: Exemplify

The buzzing was so persistent! Fredrick didn’t silence his phone due to his type of work, and his aging parents, but this was quickly escalating his irritation.

In addition to this unnecessary interruption, he angrily mumbled “Everyone knows my Thursdays are the same weekly!!!”

{Big, deep, breath in…. Big extensive exhale…out}

Fredrick repeated this brief but effective breathing exercise. If one truth was certain, he wasn’t going to allow his impatience to get the best of him.

While growing up, his father would exemplify the ugliness of an easily angered man. Fredrick vowed he’d never follow that particular set of footsteps.

man holding pocket watch in grayscale
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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#WAD: Thursday

Once Capacious 🏢

His capacious apartment once felt like home: 3 bedrooms,  1.5 bath, 2600 square feet. The patio faced North, and the master bedroom displayed the sunset every evening, through the extra wide double glass windows.

Fredrick remembered the summer of 3026, when he and his newly wedded bride relocated here. He had his future solid, dreams blooming, and held so much faith in the boundless opportunities God had shown him.

A few months past a year later, all of this reality changed. Fredrick was in a meeting, and his phone would not stop buzzing.

Photo Credit: Foto Rabe Kevelaer 

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